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by J. Scott Duvall

Format: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 352
Publication Date: October 2014
ISBN: 9781441220141

The Teach the Text Commentary Series gives pastors the best of biblical scholarship and presents the information needed to move seamlessly from the meaning of the text to its effective communication. By keeping the discussion in each carefully selected preaching unit to six pages of focused commentary, the volumes allow pastors to quickly grasp the most important information. Each unit of the commentary includes the big idea and key themes of the passage; sections dedicated to understanding, teaching, and illustrating the text; and full-color images.

To many Christians, the book of Revelation is either an inscrutable enigma to avoid or a detailed blueprint of the end of history over which to obsess. Both approaches tend to miss the book’s rich teachings about God Almighty, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, God’s people, worship, spiritual warfare, perseverance, judgment, and more. Scott Duvall unpacks Revelation with an emphasis on both historical and literary contexts, helping the modern teacher and reader focus on the book’s messages of warning, hope, and comfort, remembering that Jesus is Lord. Revelation issues a clarion call to faithful living in the face of the threat of persecution and the temptation to compromise, a call we need to hear today.

Scott Duvall’s commentary on the book of Revelation is a delight to read: he reliably guides contemporary readers to the message that John conveyed to his readers in the first century, he consistently focuses on the Biblical text rather than on the various theories and interpretations, and he responsibly helps pastors and Bible study leaders to teach, preach, and apply John’s message as God’s message to the church today. Every pastor, indeed all Christians who are serious about understanding Scripture, would want to have this volume on their bookshelves. – Eckhard J. Schnabel, Mary F. Rockefeller Distinguished Professor of New Testament, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary; associate editor, Bulletin of Biblical Research

This concise, carefully organized commentary on Revelation for pastors presents biblical scholarship to inform authoritative expository preaching and teaching. Each chapter includes the big idea, key themes, sermon illustrations, and full-color images.

Duvall presents us with a relatively concise interpretation of Revelation, carefully organized according to the format of the series, designed to provide the reader information about the meaning and application of each book. He has done a splendid job of providing clarity to an often misunderstood segment of Scripture. His balanced approach to the text provides his readership a sane and dependable understanding of this crucial book in the New Testament. – Robert H. Mounce, president emeritus, Whitworth University, author of The Book of Revelation in the benchmark NICNT series
How refreshing to open a commentary on the book of Revelation and enjoy the experience. Duvall walks the reader through the book, piece by piece, laying out the meaning of each section but never losing sight of the overall purpose of John’s vision. Replete with teachable truths and helpful illustrations, this is a perfect companion for anyone who studies and teaches the book. I recommend it enthusiastically. – Bruce Corley, senior fellow and professor of New Testament and Greek, B. H. Carroll Theological Institute